We’ve been playing Construction Site/Train Quarry for over 30 min in the basement. This is kind of a miracle. I should have bought rocks from the dollar store a long time ago. The imagination of a three year old is all kinds of awesome.

after the first broadcast, s01e01

Just started to watch this and am hooked already.

Dear tumblies, its been a really long while. Like… 9 months +. I’ve had quite the year. Mostly been working on helping this little dude grow. He’s now 5 weeks old and eats like a beast. That unfortunately means I don’t get to sleep much… But to be honest, I don’t mind. He’s a keeper. Xoxo

The Bells of Saint John

sooooooo glad the Doctor is back!

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i am incredibly excited for this film. i’ve been rewatching both Baz Luhrmann and Leo films in order to get ready. 

p/s the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack still kicks ass all these years later. 

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Joan Miró, This is the Colour of My Dreams, 1925



Joan Miró, This is the Colour of My Dreams, 1925

It’s official… I’m all edu-ma-cated!!! 

Grad was on Saturday. I feel like I can breathe and finally move onto the next part of my life’s journey. Now that I have the diploma in hand, I am at peace. It was such a joy to attend the ceremony even though it was long and I only knew one other student…. but I was so proud to be there. It was a long, sometimes painful struggle to finish this degree. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to complete it- BUT I DID! Five long years = 1 Masters of Theological Studies. I don’t say this to boast, or show off, but I am seriously proud of myself. I am proud of this accomplishment. I am proud of how this experience has shaped me and continues to influence me.  


“We come to it, at last. The great battle of our time.”

This showdown is currently on display at the RETURN OF THE GREAT SHOWDOWNS Exhibition at Gallery 1998 in Los Angeles.

"elephant" by Hannah Georgas. beautiful song & album. 

@ CBC Studio

Party time! Celebrating Os 2nd birthday with the fam with pumpkin pancakes, French toast, eggs, Bacon and yogurt parfait.

you know what I absolutely love?

getting the flu. yeah. it’s awesome. who doesn’t want aches and pains and to fall asleep by/on the toilet? 

I hadn’t had the flu since I was 11, then bam-o, twice in one year. Is my body trying to make up for lost time? ‘Cause seriously? stop. For the first time ever I’m considering getting the flu shot just so I lower my chances of this happening again soon. 

queen of the world!

You know those days where you feel like you’ve just got your stuff together and accomplish so much? It was one of those days. SO GOOD. This is the first time in years where I can think straight. My mind isn’t scattered thinking about papers to write or lectures to listen to while trying to take care of my home and family. Earlier this week I created a huge to-do list filled with things that I’ve wanted to accomplish for a year or so and it’s amazing how fast they can be done when you can focus on a few things at a time. SO GOOD. Things are being purged from my home. Items are being reorganized. I’m quickly checking things off the list. Today I am queen of the world….. or at least, queen of this house. And it feels darn good. 

FINALLY! we have a new family photo. The last one was from one year ago. Oh how things have changed. Thanks big time to my cuz-in-law and her mad photography skills. 

ups and downs


- burnt my hand really badly at work today. ended up wrapping it in cool cloth with ice on top for six hours. finally feeling better, just a few blisters.

- the above thru my day off. had a hard time concentrating on anything. became easily angered and frustrated.


- possibly booked a photo shoot for the fam with a local photographer. will share more info when it happens but I’m really excited. I love her work. 

- planning a little family shin dig for O’s 2nd birthday just because I can. I have decided it will be a brunch/lunch full of breakfast foods like stuffed french toast or crepes… with some sort of cupcake train or train themed cake. 

- I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! and stay home with O!!! and play!!!

Things I like